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Ever Feel Like Your Own Worst Enemy?

Learn Compassionate Ways of Coping with Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Let's Make Room for Lighter Moments in Your Life

If you're feeling weighed down by overwhelming thoughts and feelings, let me help you sort them out.  You're not alone in your distress, and you don’t have to figure this out by yourself.

As a counselor  for 20 years, I've helped people in the Sacramento area learn more effective ways of coping with stress, depression, and anxiety. In counseling we can help you take a breath and, with compassion and without judgment, help you decide how to navigate the life you want.

The first step is a 15-minute phone consultation where we will:

  • Make sure I understand your current situation.
  • Discuss what you need from a counselor.
  • Talk about what it would be like to work together.
  • Answer any questions that you may have.

Call today to schedule a consultation: (916) 317-4054

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How I Help My Clients

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As a Sacramento counselor, I'm here to remind you that what you're feeling is important and real, and that it makes sense. All human emotions are normal, but when denied, ignored, judged, minimized, or rejected they can create problems in our lives.

When something's keeping you up at night (or waking you up with your stomach in knots), I'm here to provide a supportive place for you to get things off your chest.   When problems seem to be piling on high and fast, I'm here to help you slow down and find relief. When you're overwhelmed by sadness, stress, or anxiety, I'm here to help you start practicing new ways to take care of yourself.