Make Space

We just got a new kitty - she is so sweet, adorable and SO MUCH ENERGY — I’m exhausted. She has been with us for 2 weeks. At first I was trying to maintain my regular schedule and do all the things I normally handle and then I started to notice that I was getting irritated and frustrated with all the time Maggie required. Resentment started to creep in at poor little Maggie and then at my husband for (in my head) not being more helpful.

My brain, George, started kicking in and sending old messages of “your an idiot for thinking you could handle this”, “what a failure you are”, “it will never work out”, “Maggie needs to go back to the SPCA”. Luckily this did not go on for too long. I caught my “non-helpful” thinking and reminded myself that when we add things to our calendars we have to make adjustments to the old things.

I began letting go of details that weren’t essential (just things I enjoy having a certain way), started checking my perfection thinking and reminded myself that time with Maggie was more important than a perfectly swept floor, I checked my ego and asked my husband for help when I needed.

Glad to report that my resentment has disappeared and that I’m growing fonder of Maggie with each passing day. Paying attention to my irritability and frustration was a clue that something needed to be adjusted.

Remember when there are big changes: new job, birth of a baby, move to new city, new relationship - we all need to readjust and allow space for things to be different.