The Decorations Are Down

I spent all day taking Christmas down. Took the lights off the house, put decorations back in their boxes, and stored the boxes back in the garage. Luckily, we had nothing scheduled today so I had the luxury of taking my time.

Christmas was really nice this year: quiet and peaceful - filled with friends and family that I truly enjoy. I’m very grateful for all I have in my life. Sadly, our sweet cat, Tabby, died early in December and that brought a lot of tears - his death threw a shadow over the holidays and yet I kept reminding myself that I could be sad for the loss and still create room to enjoy other things. That feeling is very new for me. I used to live in these extremes - as if their wasn’t room for joy and sadness. As humans we can do both!

Today, as I put away ornaments and said good-bye to Christmas I acknowledged the passing of time and had a brief moment of sadness of the holiday “gone”. Then I took a deep breath and became excited for all that lay ahead.

I invite you to take a deep breath & truly be present. Its amazing how much richer life can be when we are open to each & every moment and each and every sensation.