September Change

September is upon us.  The month that helps us transition from vacation back to work & school, transition from heat to cold, transition from unscheduled to scheduled.  For me its always been a very significant month because its my birth month.  So for me it truly marks the passing of time and the reminder that my time here on earth is certainly finite.  

I'm turning to my gift calendar of words that help inspire me daily and sharing these words with you in the hope that they inspire you.  

1)  Give your best today

2)  Enjoy all that you have

3)  Expand your awareness

4)  Become a catalyst for change

5)  The world is smiling for you 

6)  O lovingly release the past

7)  Transform wanting into being

8)  See the big picture

9)  Live with open hands

10)  Delight in your ody

11) Befriend your self

12)  Value your time

13)  Your life is a beautiful rainbow

14)  Welcome new experiences

15) Stretch your mind

16)  Watch the clouds

17)  Love is all there is 

18)  You are a magician of life

19)  nourish your spirit

20)  Your spirit is ageless

21)  Create new traditions (try it)

22)  Imagine life in balance

23)  Choose to relax

24)  You are radiant love

25)  Pamper your self

26)  Words can heal

27)  Speak words of peace

28)  Take loving to the next level

29)  Remind someone of their perfection

30) Explore fun (Fun!)