Just getting back from vacation in Alaska.  It was amazing - beautiful mountains, so green & lush,  colorful flowers in full glorious bloom.  We spent the week with family that were new to us.  They were very kind, generous and accommodating.  It truly was a nice relaxing time.  

I tend to be hypersensitive to others needs and my anxieties make me a bit controlling.  When we first arrived I found myself struggling to just sit back and let the trip unfold.  I was concerned that the 91 year old dad was doing too much and even though we were in their home I found myself wanting to rearrange things.  I noticed that I was struggling inside when the room went quiet and at first kept filling the air with the sound of my own voice.  

And then we saw our first moose, something about the quiet way these giant creatures move through the world helped remind me to just let things go and let them be.  Of course moose can move quickly and will attack & make noise if they have to - but it was so beautiful and relaxing to watch them move about in the wild (and in the city) in a quiet gentle manner.  

So for today, join me in walking about quietly, gently, peacefully and like moose ... just let things be.