Hot August Words

I hope the following words fill you with joy and inspiration as you go through the month of August: 

1.  You were born perfect

2.  Be colorful in your expression

3.  Your heart knows the answer

4.  Walk with a smaile

5.  Trust diving timing

6.  Make a new friend

7.  Share an adventure

8.  Infuse the day with love

9.  Commit to self love

10.  Give the gift of tenderness

11.  You are a wise messenger

12.  You get what you give

13.  Make yourself happy

14.  Create systems of support

15.  Let your spirit come forward

16.  Spread your wings and fly

17.  Your life is rare 

18.  Blossom into your greatness

19.  All life is sacred

20.  Thank a farmer

21.  Be fully self-expressed 

22.  Let your passion guide you 

23.  Laugh at your self

24.  Life is a wild adventure

25.  Discover hidden potential 

26.  Taste the richness of life

27.  Take your time 

28.  You are a contribution 

29.  Happiness happens

30.  Relax and just be