July Freedom

Good old hot July - fireworks, picnics, baseball and so much more.  Below are some words to help you experience the true freedom of living when you love yourself, express gratitude and love, and think more positively.  

1.  Sing your hearts song

2.  So something outragious

3.  Being flexible is fun

4.  Recognize the beauty around you 

5.  Your presence is a gift

6.  Laugh yourself silly

7.  You are so lovable

8.  Move with purpose

9.  Follow what inspires you 

10.  Today is a new day

11.  Bask in the grandness of the universe

12.  Imperfection is an illusion

13.  Your life is a fertile garden

14.  Trust your heart

15.  Nurture inner faith

16.  You can perform miracles

17.  See beyond your mind

18.  Delight in simplicity

19.  Plant seeds of love

20.  Look deep inside

21.  Honor who you are 

22.  You can have it all 

23.  You rock

24.  Feel free

25.  Letting go feels good

26.  Create  new story

27.  Your choices are infinite 

28.  The blessings already are 

29.  Be the source of greatness

30.  Play 

31.  Flow and grow