May Flowers

Hope you find, joy, love and inspiration in the following words from my May calendar. 

1) Rejoice in your power

2) Notice the power of your words

3) Pass on a message of love

4) You are whole and complete

5) The loving universe is your guide

6) You are whole and complete

7) Delight in your relations

8) You are divinity expressed

9) Move with purpose

10) Live generously

11) Thank you for being

12) Trust your inner wisdom

13) Allow your spirit to soar

14) Give thanks for all the Mothers

15) Inquire into the mystery

16) Invent a new choice

17) The world expands with your dreams

18) Your smile illuminates space

19) Where you are is perfect

20) Celebrate the cycles of life

21) Be gentle with yourself

22) Everyone is an angel

23) Smile at your life

24) Find your rhythem

25) Choose peace

26) Cultivate sensitivity

27) Laugh for the joy of it

28) Time is an illusion

29) Balance live inside you

30) Keep your promises

31) Let yourself be loved