April Inspirations

I continue to enjoy the inspiration of my lovely calendar and with your permission want to share some inspirational words:  

1.  Give love spontaneously

2.  Let go of excuses

3.  You were born of love

4.  Joy accelerates healing

5.  Exercise your adaptability 

6.  Your family is full of teachers

7.  Seize opportunities for growth

8.  Show up with love

9.  Strengthen your intuition

10.  Discover freedom through discipline

11.  Listen to your body talk

12.  Fully participate in fun!

13.  Every moment is a gift

14.  Everyone craves love

15.  Say yes to an adventure

16.  Dreams become illuminated

17.  Bless your ancestors

18.  Believe in miracles

19.  Move with grace

20.  We're all in this together

21.  You have more support than you know

22.  Love from the inside out

23.  Celebrate

24.  Write yourself a love letter

25.  Create clear intentions

26.  Your body is so beautiful

27.  Live is a process of creation

28.  Enjoy the journey

29.  Trust your heart

30.  Magic happens