March Health

If OK with you,  I'm going to once again share from my beautiful calendar.  Each of these words inspire and help me to focus on healthy thoughts that lead to better living - enjoy March. 

1) You're making it all up

2)  Sow seeds of love

3)  Your thoughts change the world

4) Beauty shines from your eyes

5) Imagine a peaceful world

6) In every moment you are free

7) Listen for love

8) We all breathe the same air

9) You have the power to achieve anything

10) Observe your body language

11) Immerse yourself in what you love

12) You are a messenger of love

13) Every act has an impact

14) Create harmonious relationships

15) Know yourself as abundant

16) Integrity is the key

17) Possibility lives in the unkown

18) Dance your spirit awake

19) Change your routine

20) Learn from nature

21) Inspiration follows action

22) You are the perfect age

23)  Ask for what you want

24)  Expand your capacity to be loved 

25) Make your self visible

26) Be your own disciple

27) You are a treasure

28) Everyone is an artist (its true!)

29)  Be thankful for what is 

30) Share your vision 

31) Perception is all that you control  (Have fun!)