Smile More ...

Happy 2019 - one of my resolutions this year is to smile more and just truly notice the little tiny things that add so much to each day. Below is a list I found on a “mommy” site but even if you are not a parent its a great list that we can all relate to. Just the exercise of creating the list can bring a smile. So if you want sit down now and as a way to start 2019 create your own list of 100 things that make you smile.

Here’s a Random List of 100 Things That Make Me Smile (in no particular order):

By Chrystal Johnson (Happy Mothering Blog)

  1. Watching my babies sleep

  2. Watching a sunset

  3. When I accomplish a goal

  4. Getting a good night’s sleep

  5. Watching our baby chicks

  6. Seeing the wildlife come alive each Spring in the forest

  7. Sitting in the sunshine

  8. Sitting in the dirt outside with the kiddos

  9. A good comedy

  10. Catching up with a friend who I haven’t talked to in ages

  11. My hubby doing the dishes or helping around the house

  12. Going for a long walk by myself

  13. Seeing a new organic option at our local grocery store (because we don’t have a health food store)

  14. When my girls tell me they love me and I’m the best mom ever

  15. Getting a date night without the kids

  16. Helping someone in need

  17. Finally getting ahead on work

  18. Connecting with a new like-minded person

  19. Knowing that I’ve made a difference to someone

  20. Sharing my knowledge

  21. Learning something new

  22. A clean house

  23. Putting the last load of laundry away

  24. Watching a movie by myself

  25. A good glass of wine

  26. Hearing someone tell me how well behaved my girls are

  27. Watching my girls’ desire to learn about everything

  28. Teaching someone something new

  29. The first day of the year when I can pull out my flips

  30. Being able to walk around in shorts and a tank top

  31. Traveling to a new place

  32. Good music

  33. Good quotes that relate to how I’m feeling

  34. Wearing makeup

  35. Blow drying my hair

  36. A good chick flick

  37. Pinterest

  38. A long, hot bath

  39. Yoga

  40. Blooming flowers

  41. Butterflies

  42. Rainbows

  43. A good cry

  44. A starry night in the mountains

  45. Surprising my kids

  46. Coming home after I’ve been away and seeing the girls’ excitement to see me

  47. People watching

  48. A good cup of tea

  49. Looking at pictures from my childhood

  50. Friends having babies

  51. Getting my hair cut

  52. Seeing family

  53. Dancing

  54. Feeling loved

  55. Snowboarding

  56. Hiking

  57. Real food documentaries

  58. A new hoodie

  59. Finishing a book

  60. Getting a pedicure

  61. Taking a shower alone

  62. The first snow of winter

  63. Getting a good deal

  64. Being told I look much younger than I am

  65. Seeing people realize I’ve been right all along

  66. Time with my sister

  67. My niece and nephew

  68. Writing

  69. Freshly washed sheets

  70. Sarcasm

  71. Hearing hubby play his guitar

  72. Seeing someone smile

  73. Being trusted with a secret

  74. Laying on the lawn watching clouds

  75. Watching the girls jump into their Daddy’s arms when he comes home

  76. Hummingbirds

  77. Waking up to kisses

  78. Seeing updates from friends across the planet

  79. Pretty leaves in the fall

  80. A good piece of art

  81. Being crafty

  82. Giving the perfect present

  83. Reading stories to my girls

  84. Good dream

  85. 80s music

  86. Jack Johnson

  87. Sitting on the beach on a warm, breezy day

  88. Watching my girls dance

  89. Listening to my girls sing and explore music

  90. A good cup of coffee

  91. Waking up early before anyone else and enjoying the morning peace

  92. Seeing a full moon

  93. Hearing good news

  94. Feeling understood

  95. Family time

  96. Creating something

  97. Baking

  98. Successfully making a new recipe

  99. My girls giggling

  100. Kombucha

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