December Tidings

1) The time is now

2) Everyone is a teacher

3) Let your heart shine out

4) Your life is an inspiration (big time)

5) Your thoughts create the world

6) Choose loving thoughts

7) Well-being is your natural state

8) Shift your perspective

9) See beauty in the mirror

10) Your body is a temple

11) Spirit moves through you

12) Recognize your self as divine

13) Experience joy in detachment

14) Live on purpose

15) Embrace your uniqueness

16) There is enough for everyone (and more)

17) Pursue what delights you

18) Learn from nature

19) Become an instrument of peace

20) Dance with your shadow

21) Visualize positive outcomes

22) Accept generosity with joyfullness

23) Apply your inner-wisdom

24) Choose both

25) Love spontaneously

26) Possibility is everywhere

27) Who you are is beautiful

28) Live in yes

29) You are a star

30) If you think you can you can!

31) Shed your skin