November Thanks

Enjoy these words from the calendar of inspiration & joy:

1) Turn over a new leaf

2) Uncover more layers

3) Release self judgment

4) Your soul is grand

5) Embrace your joy

6) The truth lives inside you

7) An end is always beginning

8) See yourself happy

9) Laughter is good medicine

10) Be loving inside

11) Widen your compassion

12) Honor your body

13) Fully engage in life

14) Your worth is un-quantifiable

15) Give thanks for growth

16) Continue to discover who you are

17) Let go of “what if”

18) Fully give in to pleasure

19) Listen to your feelings

20) You are funny

21) You are a manifesting machine

22) Find your center

23) Ask clear questions

24) Transcend perceived limits

25) Observe nature’s beauty

26) Happiness is up to you

27) Your life is precious

28) Rejoice in your prosperity

29) Flow like a river

30) You are so remarkable