October " Fallings "

So many of us love the fall … the cooling weather, the glorious colors, the fun holidays ahead. It can be a magical time of year. I hope the following words from my calendar of inspiration help you (and me) to savor all the possibilities.

1) Give thanks for every experience

2) Taste the yumminess of live

3) You are more than enough

4) Smile at strangers

5) Express playfulness

6) Make self-love a habit

7) Embrace your creative power

8) Weave your life with love

9) Encourage success

10) Replenish the inner well

11) Love is who you are

12) Act on an inspiration

13) Embrace the contradistinctions

14) Experiment with reality

15) Blessings are everywhere

16) Transformation happens with ease

17) Foster a playful heart

18) Savor every bite

19) You create joy

20) Love fills your heart

21) Your life is irreplaceable

22) Thank your self

23) Nurture kindness

24) Dive down deep

25) Breathe easy

26) Shift happens (fun)

27) Sing your love

28) Get your groove on

29) Your life is glorious

30) Appreciate differences

31) Surrender to your imagination