February (Just Saying)

A lovely woman (actually the woman who designed this website) gave me a sweet sweet gift:  a colorful calendar with inspiring words for each & every day.  Hope its OK that I want to share this with -- let these words guide you each and every day.

1- Time is on your side

2-  You are so fun

3- Welcome change

4- Gratitude attracts abudnance

5- Enjoy your natural flow

6-Love what you have

7-Each breath is a blessing

8-Let go of expectation

9- You decide what is real

10- Your beauty is undeniable

11- Celebrate your imagination

12- True love begins within

13- Explore something exciting

14- Love surrounds you

15- All will be well

16- Kindness is natural

17- Speak words of love

18- Give thanks for another day

19- Make it fun!

20- Thank your friends

21- Blessings are always flowing

22- Love has infinite forms

23- Rest is productive (it's true)

24- Take tender care of yourself

25- Embody your wildest dreams

26- Darkness births the light

27- Accept what is as perfect

28- Delight  in the process