Downward Dog - Yes the TV Show

"I'm sure self love is easy when your perfect.  But when your as flawed as me choosing to love yourself maybe the bravest thing ever attempted in the history of the world."

Hubby and I were watching an episode of the new TV show, Downward Dog, a really sweet show about life, love, friendship and all the challenges that those things bring.  There are so many choices to make at every turn of our lives.  Big choices like career and where to live and little choices like going for a morning walk or using the time to connect with loved ones.  

Every choice we make helps determine how we feel and in what direction are lives are moving.  The above quote about self love uttered by Martin, the canine star of the show, struck me as so very significant and important.  Its in  loving ourselves - utterly and completely - accepting all that is that gives us the room and permission to make choices that help us feel good, live compatibility with our values and give us a fuller richer life.   

What we do today impacts our tomorrows and so to make decisions that are motivated by love will invariable be helpful.  Its a loving act of self to eat healthy, to treat others with kindness, to set appropriate boundaries, to find time for laughter and joy and to create discipline so that we can accomplish life goals.

Life is already hard and challenging.  Life is filled with so many losses, hurts and disappointments that its easy to see how we learn to hate ourselves.  And, its easy to understand that when we hate ourselves we treat ourselves in hateful ways.  So for today lets challenge ourselves to be kind, gentle and forgiving of ourselves (truly loving)  - this like Martin said is,  "maybe the bravest thing ever attempted in the history of the world".