The October Present

In late October our home received a catalog that I had never heard of before.  Sitting next to my husband watching the evening news I lazily thumbed through the glossy pages and was delighted to find great gift ideas for friends and family.   I was especially happy to find a personalized gift for my hubby (he is hard to shop for ... usually buys himself whatever he wants when he wants it and doesn't ask much of the world).  On October 30th I sat down at the computer and with several clicks of the keys ordered up some gifts that I thought people would enjoy.  

Several weeks later things started arriving.  Gifts for the kids, gifts for our friends, gifts for mom, even the toy mice arrived for our cats ... where is hubby's gift?  Five weeks after placing the order I thought I'd better follow-up.  A very nice woman explained that because my husband's gift was personalized it took a bit longer but her records showed that I would receive by Dec 13th.  

By now you know where this story is going ... I called on the 14th and was informed that the item was outsourced and that that vendor would have to call me back ...  yesterday, after being on hold for 40 minutes (can you feel my annoyance and pressure mounting?)  I was informed that I could not get the vendor's name but was assured that they would call me. 

This morning, 5 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS I received an email stating that the order could not be tracked and was asked if I wanted  the order redone knowing that it would NOT be "home for Christmas".  At first complete anger shot through me and then I burst into tears.  I so wanted to surprise my husband.  For the love of god, I ordered this thing in October ... this was unacceptable ... for some time my brain, George, went to that very familiar place of "this is unacceptable, how dare them, and why me?"  It even went to "why were you so stupid to place an order with people you've never worked with before"  -- all those messages that cause so many problems.  I debated calling the company and DEMANDING to talk to a supervisor ... you know all the stuff that we spend so much time and energy on when we refuse to accept what is.       

To fully appreciate this story its important to know that Rod, my husband, is this gentle, sweet, quiet man whose biggest happiness is having joy in the house -- he could care less about material things -- and would never want me to get angry, annoyed or upset by a gift for him.

Once again I'm working on accepting what is ... letting go of what I can't control.  Reminding myself that calmness and peace in this world is so much more important than things happening in a certain time frame.  

So,  on Christmas morning Rod will get a picture of his present and he probably won't even see it till mid-January but having a wife who is NOT all stressed out and who isn't running around the house yelling is truly a better present.