Simple Things To Do

Happy Happy Happy New Year - as you consider resolutions and ways to make this year work well consider the following:  

There are five daily habits that lead to greater happiness and well-being. If you're feeling down, see for yourself. Incorporate these five habits into your daily routine and watch the magic happen!
1. GIVE - Helping others is fundamental to happiness. Whether you're giving your time, ideas, or money, helping others creates stronger connections and makes our society, as a whole, happier and stronger.
2. SOCIALIZE - Those with strong social ties are happier and healthier than their solitary counterparts. Broad networks create feelings of belonging, providing lives with love, meaning, and support.
3. EXERCISE - Physical activity is good for you, and it also makes you happier. No need to run a marathon to enjoy the benefits - just unplug and go outside for a walk.
4. BE AWARE - There's a reason mindfulness has become such a hot topic. Living a mindful life reduces stress, improves relationships, and helps you feel more grateful for all the positives in your life.
5. LEARN - Learning new things means you're challenging yourself and exposing yourself to new ideas, all of which keep you engaged and curious. Whether you join a group, take a class, or travel, learning boosts self-confidence and resilience.

(Taken from a friend's facebook page - thanks woman!)