One of my very favorite plays is OUR TOWN.  Such a simple but poignant story.  Its about how life is made up of little tiny moments.  The making of oatmeal in the AM, the feeding of our pets,  dressing children for school and all the daily chores that make up our busy lives.  Its also the story of love and human connection and longing.  And its the story of not realizing how good we have things until they are gone.  

My husband is so good at being grateful, enjoying the moment, counting his blessings rather than his aches and pains.  I marvel at his ability and have to actively practice being positive and reinforcing the happier side of my brain. 

Recently, I've been very challenged with food compulsions that I thought I had under control.  I'm not sure if its part of the aging process or some under lying emotional stressor that I've not been able to identify but I find myself compulsively thinking about food and giving into old eating patterns that are unhealthy.  I've put on weight and am finding that its extremely difficult to exercise. 

Along with these food compulsions I'm noticing that George, my brain, is sending out negative messages of fear and discouragement.  My husband just dealt with a bout of skin cancer, the world news is so very challenging and the demands of this holiday season can be so draining.  I'm noticing that I'm loosing touch with what makes my life enjoyable.  A routine that allows for self-care (healthy food & exercise), time in my schedule for friends and family, truly being present in each detail of my life (whether its sitting with clients, reading a book or holding my husband's hand) just being present and alive to each moment.  

The more I practice these things the more the food compulsions subside - the trick really is to change the daily routine.  Every thing I do today affects how I feel tomorrow.  SOOOOO easy to say and SOOOOO hard to do.  I'm going to keep practicing good deep breathes, commitment to gratitude thinking and for TODAY a routine  that is healthy.