Everything Is Random

Comedian Patton Oswalt's wife died at age 45 leaving behind a grieving husband and 6 year old daughter.  After 15 months of doing grief work Patton bravely tackles sharing his process in his new Netflix special called ANNIHILATION.  Patton shares of his pain, his loss and ultimately where he is beginning to find some peace is in the philosophy that his wife often expressed:  "everything is random, be kind". 

The simplicity and beauty of the phrase is so peaceful.  Let it be, don't try to figure everything out, live kindly - let it all unfold.  To spend time trying to find meaning behind the pains and losses of life often leads to more dark and painful thoughts - to accept what is creates space for the grief tears which lead to healing.  Its all so much easier said than done because the brain is always trying to figure things out.  But with practice and gentleness its possible to start observing our thoughts rather than letting them rule our lives. 

I invite you to watch ANNIHILATION and see if you are interested in living by a philosophy that is less complicated and more gentle.  (Please note Patton's comedy does contain "adult" language and his politics do lean left - the section about his wife is in the last 30 minutes of the show).