What Can Be Said?

Las Vegas ... another city added to a growing list that is already way too long.  What can be said ... the sadness, the carnage, the absolute waste ... what can be said?  One lone gunman in less than 10 minutes shatters hundreds of lives.  WHAT CAN BE SAID?  

All week I've listened to client's reactions to the Las Vegas shooting - I've heard everything from "oh no now the liberals are going to come for my guns for sure" to "how can I possibly ever go to another concert?" to "I guess we just have to get used to that this is the world we live in".  A wide range of varying thoughts and yet the primary emotions were the same sadness, fear and helplessness.

I really struggled with trying to comfort people this week - I just couldn't find the words.  Obviously I can't promise that this won't happen to them or their families.  I can't promise them that "leadership" is going to make helpful changes and I can't even promise that there is meaning in any of it.  

There is always a lot of talk about the courage and resiliency one finds in these situations.  Truthfully I'm tired of the talk ... I don't want people to have to be brave and resilient ... I want them to go to concerts have fun and then go back home.  This can NOT be our new norm!!!!!

I'm out of words around massive gun shootings - so this week I found myself just listening, validating people in their fear and pain.  Maybe that is the best thing we can offer each other is hugs, acts of kindness, and the simple understanding that words are very limiting but continued actions are of utmost importance.  So for this week I'm going to: 

1) Write my congressman, 2) contribute to a worthwhile cause and 3) treat others with lots of gentleness ... will you join me?  

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