About Rosemary Madruga

Marriage & Family Therapist
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

As a therapist, I'm here to remind you that what you're feeling is important and real, and that it makes sense. All human emotions are normal, but when denied, ignored, judged, minimized, or rejected they can create problems in our lives.

Our goal is to create space for our feelings and explore them with curiosity. To explore where our stories come from, so we can have more say in our own lives.

When something's keeping you up at night (or waking you up with your stomach in knots), I'm here to provide a supportive place for you to get things off your chest. When problems seem to be piling on high and fast, I'm here to help you slow down and find relief. When you're overwhelmed by sadness, stress, or anxiety, I'm here to help you start practicing new ways to take care of yourself.

Education & Experience

Years in Practice: 20+ Years
School: National University
License No. and State: MFC 38659 California

My Approach

Therapy is a place to talk about what's really bothering you and what you secretly want out of life, without having to worry about being judged. While our work together will be as unique as your own personality, there are a few themes that are foundational to my approach:

1. Collaboration & Feedback

I'm not the kind of therapist who sits there quietly and occasionally utters an, "Uh-huh" or "That must be awful." My clients find therapy with me to be a collaborative process. I ask questions about what you want for yourself, and with your permission I give feedback.

Feedback, to me, is not the same as giving advice. I offer feedback so that you can see a different perspective, and empower you to make decisions for yourself.

2. Becoming Aware of Our "Stuff" & Our Stories

We all learn things from our environment that don't serve us. When our learned thoughts and emotions seem tangled up and inescapable, therapy can be a place to create space in the barrage of negativity.

Together we'll take a closer look at the negative thoughts that trap you. We'll begin by connecting the dots to find out where those thoughts came from because, to quote Carl Sagan, “Understanding is a kind of ecstasy.” Becoming aware of our “stuff” is the first step in creating change.

3. Accepting the Here & Now

I use mindfulness-based practices with many of my clients, but don't worry: You won't be spending your sessions sitting in endless silent meditation! Mindfulness is one of my favorite approaches to healing because it works. In a nutshell, we use mindfulness to become aware of and accept our emotions, so that we can stop feeling controlled by them. When things are moving so fast that they overwhelm you, I'll help you slow things down and create space.

4. Changing What's Not Working For You

Once you slow things down, it'll be easier for you to take a compassionate look at different thoughts / behaviors / situations in your life. If something isn't working for you I'll be your guide and cheerleader, helping you commit to new practices that take care of you instead of drain you.

We've heard it all before: change can be difficult. But with your desire for something new and my steadfast support, change is most definitely possible.

Top left:  Genuinely enjoying the exploration  .  Top right:     Enjoying the simple moments of life  .  Bottom: Me and friends, my own brand of happiness.

Top left: Genuinely enjoying the exploration. Top right:  Enjoying the simple moments of life. Bottom: Me and friends, my own brand of happiness.

Why I Do This Work

Like many other therapists, I do this work because in some way I want to lessen human suffering. And while that statement might sound too much like Mother Teresa, it's true. As a woman who's dealt with her own depression and anxiety, I know what you might be going through. Therapy helped me see the world differently, and I would love to be the same support for you.

But therapy doesn't always have to be deep and heavy. While creating lasting change we can also enjoy the lighter moments, and make room for laughter and humor. I look forward to working with you: just being in the room, having honest and human conversations, and genuinely enjoying the exploration.

On a Personal Note

I live with my husband here in Sacramento. I speak Portuguese and am bi-cultural. My own personal brand of happiness includes watching movies, going to live theater, and afterwards having a great discussion over chocolate dessert.


Connect With Me

How can I support you? Contact me by phone at (916) 317-4054, or send me a message to schedule a consultation and find out if we might enjoy working together.